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Why Learning to Build is More Important Than Learning to Code

July 29th, 2020  |  2PM ET


In the past decade, there has been a huge focus on learning to code and this has been seen in the dramatic increase of coding bootcamps available and the number of enrollments. However, when we look at the value of acquiring new skills, it’s important to also account for how long these skills will remain relevant. Engineers feel a constant pressure to stay valuable by staying up to date on the latest set of languages, but language requirements constantly evolve and change.

Join Nick Gamble, Unqork’s VP Solutions in Business Strategy, as he digs into which skills are the most practical for engineers and businesses to invest in over time. He will discuss the key differences between building and coding and share how building can result in quicker time to market and the ability to configure complex solutions without a single line of code.

Nick Gamble

VP Solutions in Business Strategy, Unqork

As Vice President of Solutions, Nick has led the technical design and implementation for a number of Unqork’s largest clients, including: New York City, Goldman Sachs and other Fortune 100 companies. This experience led him to found a new department pioneering the development of reusable patterns and extensions to the capabilities of the platform, all using Unqork.

Prior to joining Unqork in the early stage, Nick spent his career in software development helping startups get off the ground and enterprises digitally transform. These roles took him around the world, gaining a deep passion and understanding of how to build global systems and how people will use them.

What you'll learn:

  • How to evaluate the value of acquiring new skills and selecting skills that will remain relevant over time.

  • How building can equip you with the foundational concepts of problem-solving, logic and scaling complex architectures.

  • Demonstrate how no-code allows you to shift away from coding languages and focus on the logic behind them.