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Enablement Tech Stack: Building a Modern Center of Knowledge

 June 9, 2020  |  12PM ET


When Enablement platforms are properly implemented, they can be a powerful tool for fostering growth and cultivating an engaged community. Due to the demand for enablement software, the market has become flooded and many companies are inundated with options. In this webinar, Olga Gomonova, Unqork’s VP of Enablement, will share insight on how to build an enablement platform from scratch and the 4 pillars of building a robust enablement platform. She will equip you with the tools and insight to sift through the noise and select the right tech stack for your enablement needs. 

Olga Gomonova

VP of Enablement, Unqork

What you'll learn:

1. How to get started with building an enablement platform from scratch.

2. How to determine which Learning Management System (LMS) best fits your needs.

3. The importance of finding tech stack partners that complement each other for a seamless enablement platform.

Olga Gomonova is the VP of Enablement at Unqork. 

Prior to joining Unqork, Olga worked for several Fortune 500 companies with a focus on technology and financial services. Olga developed expertise in tech sales and operations while working for the Electronic Trading division at State Street Corporation, grew her strategy skills with McKinsey & Co, and deepened her knowledge of the technology industry while working for Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft Corporation. 

Olga also spent time with a VC community and founded ChicCartel, a platform for young sustainable designers. Olga Gomonova graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a degree in International Relations and Finance. In 2014, she received an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.