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Low-Code vs No-Code: 
A Practitioner’s View

 August 12, 2020  |  1PM ET


At the world’s largest, highly regulated organizations, the need for in-house developed software, customized to the unique needs of each company has surged in recent years. Industry tools have been unable to keep up with the pace and complexity of new application demands. Companies continue to get bogged down by complex and difficult legacy, hard-coded systems, and it’s important to leverage tools that overcome these challenges. Many companies have turned to low-code and no-code application development platforms to help solve these hurdles.

Unqork’s CMO, Alex Schmelkin, joined by his guest, Richard Tarling, Managing Director & Technology Fellow of Core Engineering at Goldman Sachs, will discuss how no-code development platforms have grown in the past few years to support complex builds in a way that standard code or even low-code applications can’t.

Alex Schmelkin

Chief Marketing Officer, Unqork

As Unqork’s head of marketing, Alex oversees strategic partnership development and marketing initiatives, and also plays a key role in product development and customer experience efforts.

Alex is an impassioned digital leader who has been helping companies build their businesses online since 1994. Prior to joining Unqork, Alex was Founder and CEO of Cake & Arrow, an award-winning customer experience agency that focuses on the insurance and e-commerce industries. Cake & Arrow clients include MetLife, Prosight Specialty Insurance, Citigroup, Bose, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Alex has won numerous industry awards, and has even been recognized by AdWeek in November 2016’s Young Influencers edition. His former agency is a three-time recipient of IMA’s Agency of the Year award. He’s also been featured in national and trade press, including The New York Times, Insurance CIO, AdWeek, and Inc. Magazine.

Richard Tarling

Managing Director & Technology Fellow, Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs

Richard co-leads Digitization and Workflow Engineering within Goldman Sachs's Core Engineering Division where he is focused on driving enterprise scale digital transformation through the development of process and decision automation platforms powered by model-driven low-code and no-code methods. 

Prior to that he spent the bulk of his career as an architect building enterprise scale post-execution trade processing systems across listed and OTC securities and derivatives.