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Platform Fridays - General Platform Overview

 July 10, 2020  |  11AM ET



Unqork is excited to kick off a new webinar series in July called Platform Fridays. Every other Friday, we’ll be featuring a different aspect of the Unqork platform that will give you a better understanding of how large enterprises can power their application development with no-code. 

For our first in the series, join Alex Kriger, lead sales engineer, for a general overview of Unqork’s platform capabilities and a live Q&A.

Alex Kriger

Lead Sales Engineer, Unqork

As Lead Sales Engineer, Alex helps Unqork's perspective customers understand how, as a no-code development platform, Unqork can shorten their development and maintenance cycle. Alex has been with Unqork since March 2020. 

Prior to Unqork, Alex worked at a white label cryptocurrency exchange, running their Sales Engineering, Business Development and Professional Services.