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Building Revenue Generating Applications with No-Code

August 20, 2020  |  2PM ET


Building applications can be a lengthy, complex and costly challenge for enterprises. On top of that, many projects fail to stay within the intended budget or timeframe.

This webinar will explore how no-code can help accelerate the process by providing all tools to build and maintain enterprise software so organizations can focus their efforts on business logic and generating revenue from their applications. 

Shalabh Moonat

Head of Sales, Unqork

As Unqork’s Head of Sales, Shalabh oversees our customer acquisition and engagement. He is tasked with driving growth across our industry verticals.

Shalabh has more than 20 years of experience bringing application development platforms to market including well known players like Remedy, Appian, and Bizagi. He has been focused on building high performance teams and implementing strategies that foster significant revenue growth across a wide range of customers. He is responsible for our sales process and coordinating our go to market with Partnerships, Marketing, and Solutions.

What we'll discuss:

  • How no-code enables enterprises to digitize complex workflows quickly and create opportunities for upsells and cross sells.

  • Real examples of organizations using no-code to expand their digital services, cross-sell services, marketplace services and overall services offerings.