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Digitization of Client Lifecycle through No-code Platforms

 June 2, 2020  |  2PM ET


In today’s environment, wealth management firms are burdened with trying to optimize cost efficiencies while also enhancing and broadening the experience of their advisors and clients they do business with. The current pandemic has highlighted that the evolution of client onboarding and servicing must move beyond the shift from on-shore to off-shore now to the era of DIGITAL Wealth Management. By creating a digitally-enabled, omni-channel onboarding experience, firms can market defining solutions to grow their businesses and drive operational efficiency.

In this webinar you’ll learn how no-code platforms are helping firms overcome challenges with legacy systems and long latencies to enter the new era of wealth management through digitizing their client lifecycle experience.

Sumit Malhotra

Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Unqork

Paul Larkin

Director Wealth and Asset Management, Unqork


As a Client Director in Unqork's Wealth and Asset Management practice, Paul works closley with Sumit and Unqork's WAM clients to build new innovative digital solutions using Unqork. Before Unqork, Paul was managing director in the KPMG New York Investment Management consulting group with primary focus on delivering transformation projects for global asset management firms.

With over 13 years of industry experience, Paul has led teams that have successfully delivered high profile projects in the areas of financial transformation, outsourcing, systems implementation, regulatory reform and operational process redesign.Before joining the consulting practice, Paul served as audit manager in the KPMG New York investment management audit practice delivering audit oversight for some of the largest audit clients in the New York office with primary focus on real estate, private equity and fund of funds.

Sumit leads the Wealth and Asset Management business at Unqork. He has over 25+ years of experience in helping Wealth and Asset Managers (”WAM”) transform global businesses into customer-centric, digital, and efficient organizations.

At Unqork he works with executives of leading global WAM clients to deliver digital solutions to deliver “Market Defining” opportunities to drive new revenues, “reimagining the client lifecycle management” to enhance customer experience, and “digitizing operations & servicing” resulting in significant cost savings. He brings understanding of business strategy and driving towards successful implementations through a blend of hands-on experience running global operations functions, coupled with extensive management consulting experience.

Prior to joining Unqork he was a partner at Deloitte, IBM & KPMG as well as help executive positions at MasterCard & Bridgewater.